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The story behind.



Jony is a composer and instrumentalist based in Miami, FL.


Having been involved with music for over 20 years, from his first musical steps with the guitar, he grew passionate about music; a passion that led him to get a degree in Music Technology from Florida International University.


Jony was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on June 11, 1986 to parents Alex and Liliana Mendieta. His siblings are Alex Marcelo, Judith, Fernando, and Esteban.


At the age of 14, his father brought a guitar to the house, and he asked him to write down the basic chords so he could practice on his own. After this he trained himself on singing and the guitar.


In 2004, the family decided to move to the US.


In 2008, Jony pursued a degree in Music Technology from Florida International University and graduated with honors in 2012. In 2013 he relocated to Miami, FL where he currently resides.


His first full production is called Edge of the Light, released in June 24th, 2022.

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