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We Are Oceans has officially been released! Sit back and listen to what makes this new album stand out, and comment with your thoughts. Don’t forget to share and subscribe.

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Dead man walking

Carrying his life

At the end of a knot

Plastic man

That's living in a plastic house

With ceiling of glass

You wouldn't know

He's walking alone

Dead man walking

Carrying out his sentence

With a smile on his face

Plastic man

That's learning how to live

In a world of mistakes

You wouldn't know

He's walking alone

But you wouldn't know

He's walking along

Roll up your sleeves

For the broken hearted

Pull up the straps

Of the shoeless boy

Pay up the price

That comes with compassion

When you love

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There's only one that we adore

No one else could ever take his place

'Cause in his arms is where we find our peace and rest

He is the only one that can wash away our sins

He is the only one that can truly make us free

Let me tell you who He is

His name is Jesus

His name is Jesus

The Son of God, the Son of Man

The Lamb that in our place was slain

His name is Jesus Son of God

Let me tell you who He is

Let me show you what He did

There's no greater name than His

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